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Shalli is a sweet combination of sass and sophistication. She developed her musical talents by idolizing such soulful greats as Luther Vandross and Chaka Khan and today has developed her own unique style: passionate, infectious, soulful, real and full of life.

Shalli began honing her musical talents as early as age five in her church and school choirs. Born of Jamaican and Dominican descent, Shalli was destined to travel a musical path as her father - a musician for over 30 years - helped her to never forget her rhythm-rich heritage.

A lifelong self-assured leader, Shalli has showcased her positive energy and melodic skills throughout her worldwide travels at a number of electrifying performances at lounges, clubs, music festivals and hotels. Having garnered great success and overwhelmingly positive receptions, Shalli has enriched her poetic mastery by performing at both intimate gatherings and huge events across South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa for the past three years - even surviving the tsunami in Thailand during her tour!

Never one to put limits on her creative output or corner herself into the generic sound of modern day pop music, Shalli's global experiences have inspired her to incorporate an array of R&B, soul, reggae, hip-hop, dance, electronic and world music influences into her style.

Returning to North America to pursue recording and an expanded fan base, Shalli manages to do the seemingly impossible with her music. Somehow, it is both poetic and party jump-off material all at the same time. Shalli began expressing her personal feelings and worldly observations through poetry at age twelve.

While her words have always remained deep and truthful, Shalli's music also highlights an exciting trip through bounce and rhythm. It is a journey that includes easily danceable grooves, warm basslines, funky beats and angelic harmonies. Shalli's sound is an innovative new approach to rhythm and blues music-making.

A shoe-in candidate for female role model of the future and subject of male infatuation everywhere, Shalli is as beautiful as she is talented. Shalli's music is bound to catapult a new career towards superstardom and capture a planet of music lovers who have been thirsting for a fresh burst of musical flavor for far too long.