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Accentuated with a passion, and beauty that catches the eyes, Deja has made it her goal to present her flare to the fast pace, travel-indulged lifestyle of the modeling world. A Springfield, Massachusetts native, she has had the opportunity to grace the lens and visual concepts of many a respectable photographers and videographers.

AM: Where are you from?
Deja: Springfield, Massachusetts. USA

AM: What was growing up there like?
Deja: Growing Up In Spfld Was Exciting, Fun Never Really A Dull Moment

AM: When did you first discover your passion for modeling?
Deja: When I was 16 every day after School I Would Dress Up Take Pictures & Edit Them, Put Them On MySpace And I would Always Get Great Feed Back and al yes Loved The Attention

AM: Since discovering your passion, what are some of your accomplishments?
Deja: Since Then I've Been in A Couple Videos, ad A Couple Photo shoots Wit Some Great Photographers in the C.T Area.

AM: What was your first show like?
Deja: My First Show Was Soooo Scary My Dress Was So Long And All I Could Think About Was Falling On My Face. I Was First To Go On. Once It Was Over I Wanted To Walk Again & Again.

AM: Why did you choose modeling as a career?
Deja: Modeling Is So Fast Pase, and I Love That the Traveling To the Networking I Love All Of It So That's Why I Made Modeling My Career

AM:Do you have a favorite designer and why that particular designer?
Deja: NO

AM: What are some of your challenges?

Deja: Some Of My Challenges Are Trying Different Poses While Still Have My Face In The RIGHT angle For The Lights.

AM: How do you overcome them?
Deja: I Usually Practice Angles That Look Good While I'm In the Mirror

AM: What do you hate and love most about modeling?
Deja: I hate the fact that some people judge modeling like its not a real job and that we as models don't work hard at what we do. I love the fact of being able to accomplish set goals and making the haters eat their words.

AM: What kind of model are you? Fashion or commercial?
Deja: Eye-candy and commercial

AM: What's your favorite look?
Deja: My Favorite Look Is More on the Sexy Side I Love The G Strings, To The Low Cut Pants All Those Types Of THINGS