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SHIFTA a.k.a Di Gyal Dem Mista

Story By: Fras Krew/Assault/Yardie Magazine/// Photography By Rebel Assault Graphics Studio


With dynamic talent laced with a spicy flavor and unique style, Shifta is an artist that cannot go unnoticed. Widely recognized and rated internationally for his lyrical caliber and intoxicating charisma, his hot mix cds, electrifying music videos, and explosive performances have been taking the music industry by storm for the past 3 years.

Shiftas introspective discovery of music took place at a very young age. Shiftas father, Daddy Fras aka Piper of Piper Records, gave some of dancehalls most prevalent names their first record cuts. With this vast exposure to these many great talents, Shifta gravitated toward the local dancehall scene, which continued upon his migration to Miami. Shiftas passion for music drove him to begin writing and recording music with local producers and artists; thus, his relentless pursuit resulted in attracting the attention of not only the local market, but the grassroots following of dancehall as well. His outstanding leadership skills spawned the "Fras Krew", a group of individuals from Miami, New York, and Jamaica working together to create a portfolio of razor sharp talent with innovative business expertise.

Shifta knew that before he could create the Caribbean entertainment conglomerate he had envisioned, he would first need to capture the hearts and support of the core market of dancehall music; Jamaica. He made the pivoting decision to re-locate back to Jamaica and build the force behind him from the streets of the toughest entertainment industry in the world. Shifta thus utilized every recording opportunity that came his way. Hes recorded on forthcoming dancehall rhythms from DJ Karim, Supa Hype, Jazzy T, Coolface, DJ Liquid, Mikey Bennett and Danny Champagne. His first mixed CD entitled "On the Verge of Success" was released in April 2005 and his second and most recent mix CD entitled "Fras-traighted" was released in August of 2006.

Shifta's three most attention grabbing tracks to date are, his remix of JA Rule's hit single New York, New York, which he renamed Jamaica, and Ganja Shop, a remix of 50 Cents Candy Shop. These songs became quite popular in the Caribbean communities in New York, Miami, and Atlanta, eventually appearing in the top ten countdown on numerous radio stations. His most recent single to date is on the Smash Riddim, entitled Like Dis Before featuring Nicky B. The music video for this single has been featured on Hype TV, RETV and various other top 10 countdowns in Jamaica in addition to BET Jazz. Shiftas widespread following grew to parts of Europe, which earned him the title of The Remix King.

Shifta has performed in numerous concerts and television programs throughout the US and Caribbean. Traveling abroad on tour in Amsterdam, Netherlands, he was widely embraced by countless fans. His current endeavors include working on collaborations with T.O.K., Wayne Wonder, Nicky B, Chico, and Pitbull. He is also slated to produce his fifth music video, and in preparation for several upcoming shows.

The 22-year-old describes his style as true dancehall with a touch of hip hop influence. Shifta explains, "My style is a bit different, but I am also capable of material the hardcore dancehall fans love and respect. My aim is to send a positive message to the youth around the world. Im an innovative artisteand entrepreneur; I appreciate every artist in the local and international Caribbean music community.

The world will appreciate and embrace all that is Shifta and allow me the opportunity to bring what success I have had, to the less fortunate in social upliftment; past, present, & future. In addition to his advances as an artist, Shifta has managed to start his own Entertainment Company (Timeless Entertainment), clothing-line (Timeless Gear), and non-profit organization (Timeless Association). With operations in existence for two and half years, all three of these ventures have had tremendous success in Miami, Jamaica, and Europe.

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