Payday Music's Bad Intro Riddim has reloaded [News]


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kingston, Jamaica - Make no mistake, it may be a "Bad Intro", but it's here to make a good impression.

Originally released in the fall of 2011 featuring such talent as Ashani, Sahie, and Kalado coincided with debut of the immensely popular all female production "Bedroom Riddim", followed by "True Stories" and "Real Reggae", and the true vision for "Bad Intro" was not completed.

As we fast forward to 2013, it was time to reload, gear up, and start the year of proper. With the vision now fulfilled, Grammy award winning producer, Austin "Kevin Payday" Green alongside his team, KrisDavid and Emmie, bring forth "Bad Intro Reloaded".

The new riddim features a solid compilation of 13 artist including Reggae Gospel singer Omari, crooner Daville, sultry newcomer Kim Kelly, Alliance Next Generation Iyara, heavyweight I Octane, socially conscious Bugle, to Payday's own Solution. Each artist bearing their own creative styles of Reggae & Dancehall contributing to unique interpretations of the riddim.

Most noted on the riddim so far, is the response to Iyara's "Why We". Instead of his normal hardcore sound, Iyara tones it down with a compassionate plea. Iyara credits his lyrical inspiration for "Why We" to his grandmother stating, "From mi small, mi always hear mi Granny seh 'Why we Lord?' when she went through a struggle. So now I'm grown and see what ghetto people go through, the pressure weh hit di ghetto youths dem, and I have to ask society, WHY WE?"

Bugle, lends another social voice to the riddim, with "Gimmie Weh Mi Ask For", explaining, "My inspirations never change from 2007, from "Excersise" "Journeys" "What Have I Done" so the journey continues where music is concerned. Writing is a natural thing for me so everyday its what I focus on especially the deeper part of life . . . which is the conscious path"

Appealing to a more broader crowd, "Bad Intro Reloaded" has a surprising share of love songs with Kim Kelly's (who eeks out the only female contribution to the riddim) "Never Let You Go", Charly Black "Love At First Sight", Wasp "Nuh Fi A Share", and Solution's "Let It Be". Alongside I Octane's "Real Friends" and Lutan Fyah addressing issues with a "Farin Babymother", "Bad Intro Reloaded" has piece of music for everyone.

As the first riddim release of the year for Payday Music, "Bad Intro Reloaded" made a healthy viral debut via Krish Genius, and releases with a full on street promotion, this week in Jamaica. DJs, Radio Host, and Selectors can now get a promotional copy of the riddim by contacting The riddim will be available at all digital outlets by the end of Feburary.

"Payday makes good music, period. Although it seems like the wrong music gets pushed, we continue, in our way, at our pace, to make great, long lasting music" Kevin Payday